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Wellink present at FIAGROP Cuba

Together with Teeuwissen Group, Wellink will be present at the FIAGROP Cuba fair from 14 till 19 March.

The FIAGROP provides new changes for marketing within the agri-food sector of the Cuban market. This fair facilitates the exchange of input, products, technologies, agricultural machineryand veterinary medicines.

Wellink sees this as an extension of the trade mission in January and is very curious about the further opportunities and developments in Cuba.

Wellink partner of KNBSB

Emerged from the trade mission to Cuba last January, Wellink became a partner of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association. The KNBSB came along with this mission because baseball is the national sport in Cuba. Because of this trade mission we came in contact with them and we became partners of this great organization, which ensures that over 170 softball and baseball clubs are situated in the Netherlands.

Renovation and sow heads at our site

Wellink has taken new energy measures to make our site more energy efficient. We’ve installed new cooling systems and doors are adjusted to arrange the best possible energy management. Our whole site is adapted to the newest standards.

In Januari 2016 we’ve installed X-ray machines at our Pre-mix department. All pre-mix and trimming products are checked in the X-ray machines to eliminate any foreign bodies to an absolute minimum.

From now on, we are also receiving sow heads in our factory. We’ve made a separate new production line to work with these products. You can find our sow products at the products menu via Sow Heads and Pork headmeat.

Royal Visit Beijing. - Shanghai Oct 2015

Royal Visit Beijing - Shanghai Oct 2015