Wellink Lekkerkerk

Wellink participates in the COV campaign Trusted Pork

The campaign Trusted Pork of the Central Organization for the Meat Sector (COV) was approved in November by the European Commission. Trusted Pork is a three-year program for the promotion of pork products in China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. The European contribution amounts a total of 2 million euro.

In total, 60 new programs for the promotion of EU agricultural products to EU and non-EU markets are approved. The total contribution amounts to 94 million euros. Trusted Pork is the only program from the Netherlands.

Wide range
There is a total of 199 programs requested. The 60 selected programs cover a wide range of product categories. In particular, the product categories affected by the recent market difficulties such as dairy products, meat and fresh/processed fruits and vegetables. 24 programs are focused on the internal market and 36 programs on third countries and regions, including China, the Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Australia.