Wellink Lekkerkerk

F. Wellink Lekkerkerk BV - Pork products

F. Wellink Lekkerkerk B.V., is a company with almost 40 years of experience in processing pork products for the sausage, snack and ready meal industry. Wellink B.V. was started in 1979, by Frank Wellink, the brother of Paul Wellink (current managing director). In all these years Wellink proved that quality, efficiency, process control and a large industrial production are the right ingredients for a profitable business relationship. With this formula we created one of the biggest pork head processing companies in Europe and produce more than 25 million pork heads a year.

Wellink works with about 300 (direct and indirect) highly skilled employees. By combining the expertise of these professionals with a high level of automation in our completely renovated factory, a synergistic effect is achieved. Given our years of knowledge, experience and skills Wellink is the partner to develop and improve primary, authentic pork products. Lasting relationships and sustainable production are core activities of the continuously innovating Wellink.

Some facts about Wellink:

  • 4 input products
  • Over 400 output products
  • Turnover per year: € 70 million
  • Production per year: 70 million KG