Wellink Lekkerkerk

F. Wellink Lekkerkerk BV - Pork products

Wellink is a company with almost 40 years of experience in processing pork products for the sausage, snack and ready meal industry. Quality, efficiency, process control and industrial production of about 70,000 tons a year are the right ingredients for a profitable business relationship.

Our company employs around 300 people in Lekkerkerk. Our strong foundation, built on experience and knowledge, enables Wellink to develop primary products into added value and improved processing for the food industry.

Our products, tailored to your needs

With our traceability of raw materials, established knowledge and experience, we can provide products that are tailor made to suit your specification. These benefits provide with sustainability in finished meat products.

Our Pre-Mix

Wellink is the only producer in Europe that has an extensive Pre-Mix division. We can make a unique product according to your own recipe and wishes. Our pork meat products are also available in their natural appearances.

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